What are the different type of emergency vehicle sirens and speaker?

What are the different type of emergency vehicle sirens speaker and where was they used for?

Electronic sirens and loudspeaker are an important tool for public service workers and operators of emergency vehicles, especially when paired with a led warning light bar.

Sirens and speaker on emergency vehicles are beneficial to support the movement of the vehicle, especially when the truck is moving through heavy traffic. They are a very effective way to capture attention because it can be heard from a distance. Its sound is very distinct, making it easy for drivers to know that they need to move to the side to let the emergency vehicles through.

Auto siren speaker_SI200AC

It’s at the driver behest as to which one is used. Usual practice is for the long rising & descending wail to be used for the “open road” as it seems to reach better, then the yelp in higher traffic areas to penetrate the noise of traffic and that horrible indescribable noise to be used at junctions as it is easier to detect exactly what direction that noise comes from. As far as I am know, nearly all emergency vehicles are now fitted with basically the same equipment, with the sounds selected by switch on the cotroller.

Amplifier Speaker SP100E

It is important to understand that most locations have rules and regulations about led warning light、sirens and speaker that can be installed on vehicles, because these tools are often limited only to emergency vehicles and public service workers. So, individuals that are not associated with a specific organization need to check the laws and regulations to ensure that they are staying in compliance with the local rules.

You can used siren and speaker on emergency vheicle.Such as EMS、Ambalance、Police car、fire fighting、sprinkler,ect. and  choose all kinds of siren and speaker from suteer safety lights.


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