using led warning lights and sirens and/or horns for emergency vehicles

Which are required and/or used is largely a matter of state law and local policy.

Usually emergency vehicles had to have a steady burning red light showing to the front in order to be able to lawfully ignore traffic laws in responding to an incident. A siren, horn, and any other emergency light was icing Usually an emergency vehicle had to have a siren, whistle or bell sounding to perform the same response. Lights of any color weren’t mentioned with regard to these responses, although only authorized emergency vehicles could display red or blue emergency lights.

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Most emergency vehicles will sound a siren and display flashing red, amber and/or blue lights when responding to an emergency call, especially if they are exceeding the speed limit or going through red lights and stop sign-controlled intersections without stopping. This may be supplemented by an air horn or “rumbler” siren, especially on approaching an intersection or to get the attention of a driver who is not yielding to the emergency vehicle’s passage. Many drivers ignore the presence of emergency vehicles, or just slow down or change lanes when they see one coming. Unless you’re on a divided highway, traffic in BOTH directions is supposed to pull to the right and stop until the vehicle has passed. If you feel this is too much trouble, keep in mind how you would want traffic to behave if the vehicle was coming to rescue you or someone you loved.

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