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Generation III 1W LED police lightbar

Used for police car, cop car, fire fighting, ambulance EMS, wrecker, project car, sprinkler, patrol car, emergency vehicle.

Low profile aluminum housing, led lihgt bar
Aluminum housing, weatherproof
Operating Voltage: 12V DC
LED color available: Amber, blue, red, white, green
Generation III 1W LED. New design modules
Lens: TIR
Modules: 6PCS of TIR4 module, 4PCS of TIR3 module, 12PCS of TIR6 module
Integrated lens cover on each side and weatherproof LED modules inside
Length can be customized
Superior optical system, enabling excellent light forms and wide view angles
Can with TIR4 or TIR6 modules

Low profile aluminum housing
Aluminum housing, weatherproof

fire fighting lightbar LB8420 police car lightbar LB8420 emergency vehicle lightbar LB8420 emergency vehicle light LB8420


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