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Aluminum housing LED warning mini lightbar.

Used for police car, cop car, fire fighting, ambulance EMS, wrecker, project car, sprinkler, patrol car, emergency vehicle.

1. Low profile aluminum housing
2. Top lens color available: Black and sliver
3. Mounting ways available: Magnet

Technical Specifications: 
1. Voltage: 12 or 24V DC, or dual voltage
2. Modules: 1W GEN3 TIR LED, 14 PCS of TIR4 modules
3. LED colors: Red, blue, amber, green, white
4. Adopting international standard cigarette plug
5.16 flash patterns
6. Operating Temperature: -20 +40º C
7. Fully weather-, shock-resistant

Low profile aluminum housing
Mounting ways available: Magnet

Modules: 1W GEN3 TIR LED, 14 PCS of TIR4 modules

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