How to choose good LED Strobe Lights for vehicles?

The strobe lights are generally used in security, mainly installed on police cars, cop car, fire fighting, ambulance EMS, wrecker, project car, sprinkler, patrol car, emergency vehicle, trailer, forklifts, cranes, towing, security, construction, mining, snow plowing, and every emergency applications. emitting light can be amber, blue, red, white or combo.

Type of subdivision includes led warning lights, led strobe lights, emergency lights, led lightbars, led mini bars, led lighthead, led headlight, hide-a-way light, led visor lights, led dash lights,car visor interior light bar, led working lights, and led beacon.

There are many manufacturers and factories in the market, but the quality is uneven, how to choose good led strobe lights for vehicles? What are the factors should took into?

Suteer Safety Lights Limited is manufacturer specialized in led warning lights system, we are happy to share our suggestions.

1、UV (Ultraviolet Rays) Resistance

The strobe lights are mainly used in outdoor, mounted on the surface of vehicle, if the product shell or cover is made of ordinary material, it will appears discoloration and crevasse crack after a period of time.

Ultraviolet Rays will cause the material properties changed, so UV resistance is an important factor when you are choose for led strobe light for your car.

2、Waterproof Performance

LED strobe lights used in outdoor must can endure various weather, rain, snow , extremely wet or dry climate, waterproof design and process must meet certain requirements, once waterproof design is not good or using poor quality waterproof material, the moisture in the air and the water from the outside will come into the light, the electronic components will be corroded.

The best protection is IP68 , this is the requirement to the products work under water permanently.

At present, most led warning light manufacturers use fully sealed design, generally reach IP67, IP67 is main protection grade for all led warning lights and enough for most general use.

IP67:Completely prevent dust from entering and can be resistant immersion in a short period of time (under 1meter water).

IP 66:Completely prevent dust from entering and can be used in the cabin environment.

led perimeter warning light

3、Meet The Requirements Of Local Regulations

At present, the world’s two largest standards are ECE and SAE for the strobe lights and led warning lights, ECE is European standard, SAE is North American standard, it is the best to select suitable products according to your own national requirements.

What calls for special attention is that ECE approved is a must for led vehicle lighting products in European market, ECE number has to be molded on the product, Led strobe lights with ECE R65 approval is the best choice for Europe.

SAE is a self certification program, manufacturer decide whether the products meet the standard or not.

If you are looking for led warning lights to import from China and sell wordwide, you may ask is there a product can both complied with ECE and SAE?

The difference between ECE and SAE is the optical requirements, simply say that is the different requirements of brightness and lumens at particular angles.

warning mini lightbar MLB8300


4、Temperature Of The Light

LED has a remarkable characteristic, LED light will generate heat when it works, poor thermal design will gather the heat but not transmit to outside to maintain a suitable temperature for the whole light, the brightness of the lights will be reduced observably after a period of using. You may not be able to bear its dim even the warning light is still far way from its retirement.

Thermal design of low power led warning lights is simple, because of the cross-ventilation in the process of trucks moving will take away the heat effectively, but for some high power lamps, neither internal nor external heat sink can be found, its real effective life need to be verified, the real effective life here refers to the time it can work and still meet the application requirements.

At present, more higher power led warning lights have been development by some manufacturers, with internal high thermal conductivity aluminum plate or external aluminum alloy base, they bring higher lumen output and visible at far distance.

hide-a-way lightled hide-a-way light strobes

As an ordinary consumer, the basics can help you to choose a right strobe light for your car.


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