How to choice emergency vehicle warning lights


Emergency vehicle warning lights is generally used to clear the right of way for emergency vehicle, or to warn approaching motorists of potential hazards, such as a vehicle that is stopped or moving slower than the rate of traffic, or a car that has been pulled over. It may also be used to provide specific directions to motorists, such as a command to pull over. Some vehicles incorporate a small arrow board to direct traffic.

How to choice emergency vehicle warning lights for police cars, fire fighting,ambulance EMS,emergency vehicle etc.

1、Know your laws and lighting color. Before installing lights on a vehicle, make sure you have permission to use them. what led color you can use them? This is regulated by the state in some areas, and local jurisdictions in other areas. Using emergency lights without permission is a crime!

Just as United States:

Red lights almost always denotes an emergency vehicle if the lights are facing forward.

Amber or Yellow lights are often used by utility vehicles such as construction vehicles, tow trucks, snow plows, funeral escorts and hearses, security patrol vehicles or other vehicles which may be stopped or moving slower than the flow of traffic.

White lights is often used as an optional color on lightbars, though it may be restricted to emergency vehicles in some states.

Green lights emergency lighting since 9/11 is now used by Homeland Security Agencies and Government/private security agencies protecting high risk government and Critical Infrastructure.

Blue lights is reserved for law enforcement, firefighters and EMTs.

Purple lights is permitted in some states to denote a funeral vehicle.

2、Get your equipment. Purchase the right type of light for your needs. Determine the size, mounting location and power-type (wired or plug-in) of the lights you want. has many great light choices.

3、Route your wires. Look at the type of light to determine how to route your power wires. If it is a plug-in cigarette lighter type light, route the cord around your windshield/dashboard so it does not obstruct your view. Plug it in/switch it on as necessary.

If it is an internal-power unit, run your wires through the trim, dashboard or outside through the window and hood to avoid unsightly wires and potential electric shock. Your wires will need to go to the unit from the control board, to the battery. Connect your control board (switch panel) directly to the battery, and make sure the wire to the battery goes through the firewall securely. Please read all the instructions and determine the function of all the wire.

Hideaway light L306-12         

4、Ground and cleanup. Hide any loose wires under trim in your car. Always ground your lights/switchboard with a separate wire, hooked to the chassis of your vehicle. Test your lights, and make sure to switch them off to avoid draining the battery. Run your vehicle when possible, to keep the battery charged. Make sure to secure the wire to the battery, so it does not come loose. than

Emergency vehicle warning lightis is a subtype of emergency vehicle equipment.



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