Emergency Driving (General Non-Pursuit) – the operation of an authorized emergency
vehicle (emergency lights and siren in operation) by a police officer in response to a life
threatening situation or a violent crime in progress, using due regard for the safety of
Following – driving in close proximity to a subject vehicle without using any apprehension
efforts, such as lights or sirens or any other method of direction to stop.
Pursuit Driving – an attempt by a law enforcement officer operating an emergency vehicle
and simultaneously utilizing lights and siren to apprehend an occupant(s) of another
moving vehicle, when the driver of the fleeing vehicle is aware of the attempt and is
resisting apprehension by maintaining or increasing speed, disobeying traffic laws, ignoring
or attempting to elude the officer.
Emergency Call – a call to duty, including, but not limited to: communications from
citizens, police dispatches, and personal observations by peace officers of inherently
dangerous situations demanding an immediate response on the part of a peace officer.
Emergency calls are not limited to inherently dangerous situations.
Original documents – photographs, DVR discs/hard drives, and any documents that are
handwritten or contain an original signature.
Operational Violation – Any violation during a pursuit that would be considered a moving
traffic violation according to the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) or the Cincinnati Municipal
Code (CMC). An Operational Violation results in a non-compliant pursuit.

rotating light BE104

Ensure the safety of citizens and police officers during the emergency operation of police

Portable Flashing Blue Lights on Unmarked Vehicles
1. A vehicle with a portable flashing blue light is not considered an emergency
2. The portable flashing blue light should be used to identify emergency conditions
at an auto accident, road hazard, crime scene, etc.
3. Do not use the portable flashing blue light to:
a. Identify any unmarked vehicle as an emergency response vehicle.
b. Substitute for the emergency equipment on the patrol cars.


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