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Dual Tir3 car surface mount lighthead


Generation III high power LED , led Perimeter Warning light
Weather and vibration resistant
Pre-programmed multiple flash patterns
Alternating or simultaneous flashing available

Technical Specifications:
Voltage: 12-24 VDC
6 pcs of 1W LED, Dual Tir3 lighthead
Led cover available :Amber ,blue,red,white,green

3.7″ wide x 2.9″ high x 1.8″ deep

Flash Patterns:
1. Signal flash 60
2. Signal flash 90
3. Signal flash 120
4. Signal flash 300
5. Double flash 150
6. Com Alert 150
7. Action flash 1
8. Action flash 2
9. Mode flash
10. Action Scan
11. Steady
Yellow Wire for patterns (connect to +)
Less than 1 second to next pattern, more than 1 second to back wards, press 5 seconds to reset to the factory fefault pattern

Voltage: 12-24 VDC
6 pcs of 1W LED, Dual Tir3 lighthead

Flush Mount Lights_LH03DTSurface Mount lighthead_LH03DTCar led strobe lighthead_LH03DTCar grill light_LH03DT   led lighthead_LH03DT Perimeter Warning light_LH03DT

Video are available


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