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6 PCS of 1W LED Car Flush Mount Lights, led surface mount.

Used for police car, cop car, fire fighting, ambulance EMS, wrecker, project car, sprinkler, patrol car, emergency vehicle.

Generation III high power LED, Flush Mount Lights
Weather and vibration resistant
Housing: Aluminum
Pre-programmed multiple flash patterns
With bracket
Alternating or simultaneous flashing available
Mounting: Screw permanent (2pcs ST3.9*12mm)

Technical Specifications:
Voltage: 12-24 VDC
6 PCS of 1W LED
LED cover available: Amber, blue, red, white
Colour options: Single color 18 kinds flash pattern
Lens: TIR

4.2″ wide X 0.9″ high X 1.1″ deep

Flash Patterns: 18 kinds
The wires length of exposure: 180mm
The Red wire: VIN+
The White wire: SYN
The Black wire: VIN-
The Yellow wire: Flahs pattern charge (connect VIN+)
less than 1 second to next pattern, more than 1second to backwards,press 5 secondsto reset to the factory default pattern.

Voltage: 12-24 VDC
6 PCS of 1W LED

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Video are available

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