Angel Colors The Purple Lights

Purple represents the noble, and often be used by noble. Purple In Christianity, meaning represents sadness. Purple also represents boldness and courage.The purple light represents mercy and transformation.This ray light based on seven different light rays: blue, yellow, pink, white, green, red, and purple. Purple light is the compound by the warm red and cool blue,it is an excellent stimulus color.

In Chinese tradition, purple is the color of the king, such as the Beijing Palace Museum, also known as the “Forbidden City”, also called “Purple east.”
Purple represents the noble, a noble often use this colors lovely. Teal people due to the Roman Empire, commonly wear purple dye for nobility, and dyed crimson clothing approximation, by the time the monarch also quite likes. And yet found in nature more delicate hues: lilacs, orchids, lavender, and violet flowers.
We at are proud to introduce the latest to our wide and varied collection of emergency vehicle warning equipments: Purple LED dash Lights. With 19 available flash patterns, these super bright purple LED visor lights deliver an intense warning to all bystanders and motorists, telling them to slow down and/or move out of the way so that you can pass.It will add some glare to your emergency vehicle today!
Ever been part of a funeral procession.So,you know what it feels like when the leading car is stuck behind a slow driver who just doesn’t move out of the way.The leading car does flash his emergency lights, but red and blue just won’t do the trick.That’s why suteer safety lights says to go with purple! The astonishment that motorists experience when they see flashing purple tells them to be careful and move out of the way! Purple funeral lights are the solution for all emergency vehicle warning systems.


Visit today and add purple LED emergency vehicle windshield lights to your collection of emergency warning equipment.The purple lights are compact and easily mountable onto grills,bumpers,the dashboard or deck.


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