About Hide a way strobes lights for all vehicle

About LED Hide-a-way Lights & LED Eagle lights & Hide-a-led lights


In the community, everyone is aware of the need to have emergency lights for vehicles to increase visibility. When discretion is a priority, LED hideaway lights are the ideal way to keep your emergency vehicle lights concealed right until the moment police officers want their presence to be announced. While hideaway lights are popular cop lights, they can also be incorporated into any emergency vehicle system including those found on fire trucks, ambulances, construction vehicles and road crew trucks.

Hide-A-LED light LL110T          Hide a way light L306-6

LED Hide-a-way Lights Kits & Hide-A-Light Kits

These are sold as a set of 2 or 4, and come complete with an in line flasher. Clear lenses with coloured LEDs,ultra small, self-contained, hemispheric LED light. This Hide-a-Way Light Kit is suitable for a variety of uses. The kit can be fitted inside the vehicle head lights、cornering lamps or tail lights for surface mount or internal mount, and can also be used a a stand alone warning light by fitting with a plastic bezel.

          Hide a way light kit LL120

Install a Hideaway Strobe

Insert the Hide-A-Way assembly into the hole and mark the mounting holes. Remove the assembly and drill the holes. Reinstall the assembly and fasten the included screws. Then repeat for the other side of the vehicle. Remount the headlight assemblies and route the cable from the Hide-A-Way to the driver module. ”

led eagle lightshide a ledhide a way lights


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