12pcs car strobe hideaway lighthead – L1612

12pcs Car Strobe Hideaway Lighthead With No Separate Lamp Driver – L1612

hide-a-way lightLED Eagle LightLED Covert Light

This series is a concealed LED warning light that features  high intensity 1-watt LEDs to deliver an exceptionally bright warning signal.Simple installation with no separate lamp drivers, flashers, ballast or power supplies to install in any suface mount or inside of headlight.Requiring only a single 1” hole. The lights features 12-24 VDC operation, 20 flash patterns, the ability to synchronize with additional units.

Features and Technical Specifications: 
Generation III high power LED, Hide-away light
High strength: Aluminum housing and cover
LED power: 12PCS of 1Watt LEDs, (8PCS of 1Watt LEDs are available)
Mounts in a 1″ hole
DC 12-24V
Pre-programmed multiple 20 flash patterns
Alternating or simultaneous flashing available
Waterproof: IP67

RED: + 12V DC (Fuse@ 3A)
BLACK: – GROUND Connect to Ground vehicle chassis
Yellow Pattern:
Selection To select Flash pattern, apply Yellow to Black, Less than 1 second for next pattern About 3-5 seconds for steady burn, more than 5 seconds to turn off
Blue: Synchronization
Connect Blue wire of all heads together for synchronization All heads must be on same flash pattern to be able to synchronization
Flash Patterns:
1. Steady on
2. Random
3. Single slow  (T=280ms)
4. Single fast  (T=150ms)
5. Double slow (T=85ms)
6. Double fast (T=60ms)
7. Triple (T=300ms)
8. Quad (T=400ms)
9. Extreme action flash (T=350ms)
10. Extreme warp flash (T=250ms)
11. Single slow  (T=50ms)
12. Single fast  (T=25ms)
13. Double slow
14. Double fast
15. Triple (T=50ms)
16. Quad (T=50ms)
17. Extreme action flash (T=250ms)
18. Extreme warp flash (T=100ms)
19. Half Steady 1
20. Half Steady 2


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